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ok let me start by saying i love the gti and wanted to get this 1 up and running.. i bought this car from someone with a plan of rebuilting it.. it has a clean title. the engine needed to be rebuilt, and i hired someone to rebuilt the engine and he was badly injured in a drunk driving accident.. i paid him alot of money to do it and now im am out like 3k just for work.. so i am chalking this one up to a loss and i just cant spend any more money on this, im going to take a loss on all of the parts and the vechile, my loss is your gain.. i have pictures of everything and reciepts as well..
let start with the suspension.
1. big brake kit 356 pot rotors from pb brake kit with steel braided lines cost over 3k. i have extra set of brake pads for it. the rotors started to rust a little from the condensation and heat in south florida but you can buy something that will take that off.
2. pss9 bilstein coilovers with adjusted damping setting 1-9, installed and set on 2 right now. 1700$
3. new control arms with ball joint brushing tie rod kit (just the fronts didnt do the backs)
Now with the motor... Omg where do i start i literally replaced every part on it..
1. ie (intigrated engineering) rods and yes they are riffle drilled good for around 500hp and yes they are installed 600$
2. New bearing set/ rebuilt kit for the pistons and the rods and the crankshaft and i did upgrade to the oe goetze 220$ and these are already installed
3. New cometic gasket set 200$
4. Timing Belt Kit - Ultimate With Gates Racing Timing Belt & Performance Pulley Set 400$
5. Harmic dampner aka fluid dampner aka crank pully 400$
6. new crank shaft gear
7. arp main studs and arp head studs already installed 500$
8. new valves installed with new rubber end pieces and also a supertech valve spring and retainers were installed over 400$
9. rear main seal the expensive one haasnt been installed cost 120$
20. forge diverter valve new in box, black one cost over 200$
21. maf sensor for that in necessary with the already tuned ecu.. 100$
22. ieoil catch can new in box 400$
23. ngk spark plugs new in box. 50$
24. 575 sieman injectors brand new 350$ vacuum lines 200$
26. spec clutch and flywheel 1000$
27. i have 2 brand new fuel pumps one walboro 255 in line and one bosch drop in that is e85 compatable. 400$
28.two new front axels 150$ ebay ones
29. dielsel geek skid plate brand new in box with full metal jacket side pieces 400$
30. innovative motor sports wideband/ boost gauge brand new in box. cost around 300$
31. three cans of refrigernt 134a 20$
32. all fluids two transmissions fluids brake fluid and power steering fluid and w-40 oil. with 2 or 3 filters all brand new never sealed in box. 200$
33.air conditioning gauge pod for the gauge 40$
34. forge front mount intercooler. bought it used from someone cost 600$ has all tubing and maf sensor.
35. is the turbo kit from urotuning its a cts turbo kit the gt28rs and it comes with alot of things. it has a 63ar housing. cost 3500 with the gt28rs upgrade.

thats most of it minus some small things like new fuel, crank case vent hose, new camshaft timing chain tensioner, some seals, clutch master cylinder

36. i had the ecu tuned already for the gt28rs turbo and the upgraded rods.. cost 800$ ( sealed in box as well)
37. is engine mounter mounts really nice and new ones already mounted on the car cost 450$
38. also has wheel spacers think there 15mm in front and 20mm in back

also included is the old suspension that came of the car and the old rotors and braking system, diverter, valve 034 breather hose kit

Well i am going to uploaded the pictures and include a link...
im in south florida… its a clean title

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