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OK guys please take pity on me and help me out. My lightly modded b16 is very lean even though i have 55 psi of fuel pressure. Replaced injectors, fuel rail and fuel filter already, so I'm thinking its the fuel pump. I still have the stock 94 dx fuel pump.

I was told that stock EG (D series) fuel pumps flow 72 lph and stock DC (B series) fuel pumps flow 155 lph.

So I really need either a stock integra fuel pump or a mildly upgraded aftermarket pump (195 lph, 220 lph, 255 lph). But I'm too poor to spend $90 for a new aftermarket one. But I really really don't want my motor to blow up.

So please if you have an extra fuel pump that you can hook me up with for cheap I will pick it up anywhere in so cal. email me at [email protected]

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