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Hey guys, i am starting to collect things for a build.
I am looking to buy the
k24a2 long block w/ Oil Squirters fitted
ARP Studs (L19)
Valve Spring (4p, Drag cartel springs, or any after market)
Valve Stems (After market)
Step deck or O RING & modified k20 oil pump.

LSD (kazz diff or something similar)
4.0 fd

Please post what you got or send me a private message to work things out.

This was mostly cut and pasted of a friend helping me continue my build. If i miss typed something misunderstood please let me know so i can answer back.
If anyone interested in the build please PM maybe we can work out a price. I am new to the scene.
I am located in the Pittsburgh Area but Travel a lot to NYC area as well.
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