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send me pm if u got these parts...must be in working condition, the newer the better, and reasonable prices wont be ignored. i just wana do a swap at a low budget. i have a k20z3 + eg6 hatchback. the motor i got is 2008 civic si. has less than 8000km. so its basically just broken into thats why i jumped into using this motor. along with the 6 speed transmission with lsd.
here is a list of parts that i need:
eg k20 engine mount. prefer hasport -got it
clutch line, i think k20tuned offers a new one for $50 - got it
hybrid racing conversion harness - got it
hybrid racing speed converter
02-04 engine harness
dc5 type r ecu / hondata kpro - got it
ep3 idler pulley/bracket/ and serpentine blt - k20z3 has a small idler pulley already!
slim fan
fuel rail - got it
fuel lines - got it
fuel pressure regulator -got it
kswap eg header , any is good.
intake adapter. any brand 70mm
rbc/skunk/bdl/spoon throttle body
if you have these parts please leave me a pm. and vendors please give me a a package deal
so i still need :
02-04 engine harness, slim fan, kswap header, throttlebody
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