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WTB: EK spoon cluster $1200

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Looking for a ek spoon cluster, got $1200.
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i don't know why you would want a $1200 cluster anyway?? To be different?? if you want to be different then be smart, and spend that money on a ballin suspension set up or something functional. 1200 on a cluster is that fan boy shit.
LOL... real enthusiast>fanboy
anybody who spends that money on a cluster is not an enthusiast sir, there a moron, at least i made you laugh:p
then you dont understand what being an enthusiast is. and that's ok, not everybody cant afford to be a real enthusiast:wink::cool::up:
[email protected] being different with a suspension set up? a cluster its just as functional as shocks lol
Sir, Not to sound arrogant or out of line here but, i work very hard for a living, and because of that I would feel confident going dollar for dollar with just about anybody on this forum who isn't making 6 figures a year. But thats not the argument, 1200 in your suspension and you can hang with some guys on a track...1200 in your cluster and you can still read the gauges as good as a 100 dollar cluster, you see what im sayin?? And its hard to determine tone over the internet but im not " angry" lol or anything like that, just having a little debate:cool:
lol I guess I struck a nerve with that one..:up: Anyway, sorry if your offended..I can kinda see your argument with the corvette thing but not really, for the sake of the thread we'll keep it short and sweet..I do know what im talking about, and understand the term " enthusiast" perfectly well sir, Don't be judgemental, you never know the person's cicumstances on the other side of the keyboard, it's bad karma. I understand you kinda took the moron thing personal and felt the need to defend yourself..but dude, its not that serious lol..No hard feelings buddy, sorry if i came off like i was judging you or somethin callin you a moron, those werent the intentions, keep doin your thing and be safe brotha:up::cool:
1 - 4 of 20 Posts