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I found a manual transmission in a 2004 Accord the other day at the local Pick and Pull. And since I am thinking of doing a K24 swap with the K24A4 in my wrecked Accord (automatic), I figured I would pick it up. But there is some damage. It appears that one of the ears that keeps the throwout bearing from turning on the release fork broke off.


This metal fragment then proceeded to wreak havoc in the clutch housing. It chewed up the pressure plate.


And, of course, the inside of the transmission case.


However, the transmission shifts fine and turns smoothly and quietly in all gears. And given that the damaged metal surfaces appear fresh, it is likely that this little problem (and not something deeper) is what sent the car to the wrecker (it must have sounded like the end was here for the car). Should I buy this transmission or pass it up?
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