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Wiseco Piston = Ongoing piston slap?

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My buddys k24/20 has 11.1 wiseco pistons. Occasionally one can expect some "piston slap" while the engine warms up, but even after 3 straight hours driving it still makes that sound. The sound is more or less like a 4 cyl diesel but quieter.

After chatting with the engine builder he thought it was odd. He contacted Wiseco and they said everythings o.k. and that was typical.....

Understand this is "second hand" knowledge, I know what the builder said but I wasnt in on the conversation with Wiseco.

The pistons have some kind of "coating" on them....teflon, perhaps.

Either way this sounds like crap to me :down: ...any thoughts guys?
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Exactly what Pacman said, you will have to check for piston play, you will have to check your tolerance's, especially because you are running aftermaket pistons, and they arent made out of the same aluminum as stock OEM's they expand with engine heat that is why they slap when the engine is cold, but once they warm up, there should not be any excessive noise, we have used JE, Wiesco, ROSS, CP, ETC, and none of these piston's exhibit those sign's after a few hour's of running, it is best that you take Pacman's advice and re-check all your tolerance's and spec's, because it is better to spend a few hundred dollars now :wink: , than a few Thousand dollar's later :eek:

H2nr said:
I have run across two engines, both with Cometic HGs, that didnt have blown HGs (yet), and had a very slight knock. They were also both freash engines. When we pulled the heads the pistons were clipping and very thin strip of the GH. Since both blocks are 84mm we grabbed a factory B20 gasket and compared it to the Cometic. There were very noticeable differences. Lets just say I will never use a Cometic gasket in any more of my engines. Now this was on Bseries engines and not K series. Both engines are fine now with the factory HGs.

Everyone is making good points, but bottom line is, when in Doubt, Pull it out... :wink:

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