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Wiseco Piston = Ongoing piston slap?

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My buddys k24/20 has 11.1 wiseco pistons. Occasionally one can expect some "piston slap" while the engine warms up, but even after 3 straight hours driving it still makes that sound. The sound is more or less like a 4 cyl diesel but quieter.

After chatting with the engine builder he thought it was odd. He contacted Wiseco and they said everythings o.k. and that was typical.....

Understand this is "second hand" knowledge, I know what the builder said but I wasnt in on the conversation with Wiseco.

The pistons have some kind of "coating" on them....teflon, perhaps.

Either way this sounds like crap to me :down: ...any thoughts guys?
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lol, hey man.. it was mother's day today.. shame on you :driving: :p
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