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Wiseco Piston = Ongoing piston slap?

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My buddys k24/20 has 11.1 wiseco pistons. Occasionally one can expect some "piston slap" while the engine warms up, but even after 3 straight hours driving it still makes that sound. The sound is more or less like a 4 cyl diesel but quieter.

After chatting with the engine builder he thought it was odd. He contacted Wiseco and they said everythings o.k. and that was typical.....

Understand this is "second hand" knowledge, I know what the builder said but I wasnt in on the conversation with Wiseco.

The pistons have some kind of "coating" on them....teflon, perhaps.

Either way this sounds like crap to me :down: ...any thoughts guys?
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V8KO said:
Occasionally one can expect some "piston slap" while the engine warms up.
That's all i have ever witnessed myself.

Go straight to the source. Contact a Wiseco rep yourselves and see if his story checks out.
V8KO said:
Pretty much whatever you guys tell me is what I will relay to the installer.

The guy straight up lied to you and you plan on taking it back to him?

IMO you should have someone else tear it down, check the specs, and if something is found to be improper, go back to the original builder and demand compensation.

This is the reason i do all my own work. That way i know everything is done to spec. You can't trust anybody these days.
V8KO said:
Anyways...I normally do my own work but Ive been really busy lately and it just seemed easier this way haha so much for easier. :down:
That's understandable, especially if it was a "friend" doing the work. I just get so angry watching others getting jerked around like this. :mad:

Hope everything works out.
1 - 3 of 34 Posts
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