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So this is my car, and the swap i am doing.

The cliff notes are:
1993 honda civic
2003 K20a3 swap w/factory harness
NO OEM wiring.

I am looking for some basic guidance/help in how to wire up the car. I am pretty sure i have basic idea of how this will happen but if any one has any concerns/advice/or anything really i would appreciate it.

I figure i am going to run it like this....

Battery +----> fused (80amp)------> to a power distribution block (with each circuit fused)------>power wire for the relays (using the painless wiring Relays were needed)

I figure ill need to power the following
AIM dash
Radiator fan
windshield wipers
defroster blower
electric power steering pump
brake lights
fuel pump
??? ecu???
??? motor???

Also any help on what wires i need to tap into on the K20a3 harness to get it working...

Thanks in advance
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