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Ok here is the deal, I originally started kith a K20A3 (Civic Si 02-03) motor. Using the HASPort kit along with a PNP harness from Hybrid Racing. Installed T3/T4 turbo and ran it along with 550 injectors with a KPRO ECU. Ran really well for a good 2 months. In fact, got a total of 242HP at the wheels with it. Eventually, blew the motor out. Rod right through the block. hehehe. Anyways, I had a spare K20A2 (RSX-S) so went ahead and installed it on the car. Everything fits in nicely just like the K20A3. Being that I had the plug and play harness for the K20A3, I decided to plug it in. Now everything is plugged in and fits. Only concern are the following:

1. Are the harnesses from the K20A2 and the K20A3 the same? Will it work is my basic question.

2. There was only one plug missing on the K20A3 PNP harness. The plug that goes into the transmission. Looks like some sort of solenoid. Right next to where you hook up the shift cables. What does this do? Is there a way to wire this up separately?

Im planning on running the turbo again. Shooting for about 300HP without internal modifications.
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