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Wiring: Does this sound right

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i pmed brianG, so instead of reexplaining i'll cut n paste, thank you very much for your help.

Hey brian whats up, hope you get this soon as im trying to finish up this wiring before the weekend finishes. anyhow everythings hooked up and fits nicely kpro in, but the kpro isnt getting any power, no relay clicking or fuel pump noise. Ive been going over alot of wiring schematics the past 48 hours and i think i sourced the problem.

However its in the hasport harness so before i do anything i want to confirm it with you guys. I have a 89 crx DX and i think where the hasportharness plugs into the main crx relay outlet there is a wire switched.

Main Relay has 8pins ur harness uses 3, a constant 12v, an ignition2 12v, and a wire to the fuel pump. We got all three wires going to the correct relays from what i can tell, but there is a forth wire, E9, which is ignition signal, that splices into the fuel line. From what i can tell it looks like its supposed to be spliced into the ign2 wire instead. Fuel wire is dead and i dont see any purpose of it going there?

But would this cause the failure to prime? Seems like it would cuz e9 detects when ignition is on, with out that que e1 would never send the signal to prime right?

Another thing i noticed was that the main relay1 uses its main power source from ign2 as opposed to or should be, a constant 12v. I doubt i would send this harness back to you guys because its nothing major, so any help trying to rewire this would be very much appreciated. OOORRRR i got the whole thing wrong and need you to tell me what the problem is? Thank you again for your time.

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