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OK... so basically i am leaning veryyy far to buying a set of these.

Forward Swing Mount Triple Master Cylinder Pedal - Aluminum: This pedal assembly operates the brakes and the clutch together in one unit and positions the master cylinders outside the firewall. It features all aluminum frame and arm construction with steel pivots, mounting studs and anti-skid pedal pads. Wilwood's clevis and pivot pin balance bar provide smooth and accurate settings of the brake pedal bias. It can be set and locked down with the jam nut, or attached to a remote cable for quick on-track adjustments.

Click on the product's part number to view the technical drawing and datasheet information.

I would like to know how different sized Master cylinders work to need a certain proportion valve... Ex. I have a 30/40 prop valve with a JDM ITR MC i think 1", when many track guys in the US run a 40/40 prop valve with a 15/16 or 1" master cylinder... my understanding is that if your MC is too small, it affects brake feel?.... very much in the dark on this topic...

And, a feature I like about this pedal setup is that you can adjust the brake bias for F/R, and mount a adjustable switch for on the track adjustments.

I imagine this would be very useful for T/A?

I am leaning more towards T/A setup with my car now and would like to know a but more about brakes.
There is a guy named pandahatch making them a bit better for us on H-T... But don't know if he ever got to produce them..
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