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will a +32 offset work well on my ep for road racing?

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will a +32 offset work well on my ep for road racing?

planning on gett'n a set of cr kai rims 17x7
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Im running on 17x9's +35's.. i had to roll the fenders and run a little camber but they fit. Im also running on 245 tires. What size are the wheels? How wide?
im planning to put on work CR KAI rims 17x7 or 17x8 with +32 or +42 offset. i my driving style is canyon carving/ time acttak.
If you get the 17x8 get it in the +35 if you can. You can run the 17x7 with a +32 just fine too. I suggest getting the 17x8 simply for the fact you can run up to 235's on there no problem.
for the 17x8 do i have to roll the front n rear, will i need a wheel spacer n rear camber kit??
You wont need to roll anything.. it would be a good thing to get a rear camber kit but i don't think you really need it. My friend has a set of 17x8 +35 andhe rolled his rear fender just a tad, but to me its not even rolled lol he just kinda rolled over the edge a tiny bit. He is also running 225/45 tires.
He's at a finger gap which is pretty low with 17's.
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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