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I have three sets of used lost motion spring here at the house. Since I am installing new cams and new valvesprings , I figure it would be a smart thing to order new ones, all (8) cost $52.00. I have seen these things bending, breaking etc. on both forums, thus I am not going with used ones to play it safe.
Hey man I was gonna ask, have you noticed any difference with the LMAs. As in their stiffness. Me and my brother noticed that K20A2, K24A2 and K20Z3 all have different feels. Do you think LMAs are made different?

This is well developed pitting of a tribolocial surface. Pitting's root cause is decomposition of material in the surface by either chemical mechanism like corrosion attack or mechanical stress like valve bouncing. The range of examples for both is huge. An oil forcing chemical effects like corrosion is possible, lack of oil is possible
@LotusElise could this play a part into changing the frequency of the LMAs making them vary in stiffness??
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