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Who makes headers for EF ??

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help. aside from Hasport..who is also make one and has in stock. In need of one ASAP !

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we should have something on the market very shortly...

[email protected]
any EG header should fit on the EF. i do know however that it would be more of a chore to install the header if you do not bend in the lip on the rear crossmember.
I make a 3 step stainless try-y similar to dtr and burns-can I help you? john
The dtr-fab one on a earlier post on this page up top, is really nice cant tell much from the pic but seams to have good clearance and such , i know im going with a dtr, havent seen any raser-x though so now i hit the search buttong :cool:
With the dtr header, can you bolt up a crx specific s/s system or is the fabbing needed.
With any race header, you will need to do some exhaust work for correct fit
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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