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litterbox said:

I'm looking for Azenis in 205/50/15. I remember seeing them on for $46 each but now they have the new RT615 model for $90 each! Who has the best prices?

Unfortunately, Falken regulates the prices of the RT615 after DTD introduced them at such a low price that the manufacturer was insulted.

Vulcan Tire is going to sell them at the lowest price allowed, and IMHO they seem to have better service than DTD.

It's too bad that they're going to be more expensive than the RT215 for the forseeable future. :(

If you can deal with a tyre that is almost as grippy as the RT615 Azenis, doesn't melt and has better water channeling, then think about the Hankook Ventus Z212 R2S. DTD has very decent prices and stock on these...just stand by for the usual DTD screwups and don't get upset if it happens. :)
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