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who has bought from motors from papituyo?

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i want a count on how many people on here have bought motors from him (papituyo aka david), for some reason whe i was in search for the motor he had one, once i sent the money and asked him to keep me up to date, for some reason its like im talking to a ghost. $1300.00 for a motor but yet i've called sent pm's even emailed today 2/21/06 to see what is the status and yet he has not returned my calls no replied to my email. i want to hear from those who have done business (not he's my friend bullsh*t) type business
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hey i was on of the first people to buy a motor from him last summer and i had no problem with him or the motor what so eva only thing is that the shipping company took kinda long but thats all
I don;t think it matters how many motors he sold... What matters is your motor....

So when did you pay him and what did you order?
i sent the money through paypal on saturday it cleared my bank account but i havent heared from him, i asked him to keep me up to date but no dice i've tried to contaact but no dice
hDon't trip dude... Just last saturday... He is cool .. He has sold to at least 30 people on kseries.coma and here...

You need to wait at least 5 days to get a motor ready to be shipped.. I was able to sometimes mail a motor same day I got payment.. sometimes it takes 4-5 days even longer....

So far he has not screwed over anyone.. and trust me... for $1300... I don;t think he would do it.. I mean.. he had a chance to run away with 30-50K..... $1300 is not going to do it.. Just chill.. he is probably busy.. Worse comes to worse he will give you your money back if the motor is bad or something...

Good luck and don;t worry for now... Worry if you have not heard from him till next friday... (not thids coming friday)
Alright now,

Earl, You shoulda just called man. I do research at the University of Florida on tuesdays, and under protocol, cannot bring in my cell phone into the lab. Ive talked to you NUMEROUS times on the phone and explained every step of what has been goign on.

I really dont see the need for you to have made a thread instead of just pmming me. Yesterday was a holiday in which shipping wasnt a possibility, I told you this might be a problem when we talked over the weekend. Couple that with the fact that I HELD A MOTOR FOR YOU, for over a week while you collected funds. Not only that, but I sold it to you for 100 less than I usually do since you were a local guy with a bad situation. I think you need to step back, breathe, and realize that you are making me look bad for no reason, but also making yourself look bad.

Now, I havent gotten a single PM from you on here. I can assure you the motor shipped out today. Contact me via PM.

Ive sold over 40 motors online. Im not goign to tarnish my reputation to make a fucking measly 1300 from you.:down:

MODS please close this thread, this is unnecessary.
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close thread please this problem has been resolved
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