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werd said:
Hey i am doing a k series swap into a dc2 and was wondering which radiator and rad hoses everyone is using? I can get a used C&R DC5 rad here for pretty cheap, and was wondering if it fits or would i have to get a half size rad with two cores?
We used a C&R DC5 radiator in our DC2. One of the lower radiator mounts was moved to allow it to fit. This solution works really well, because the radiator has a threaded boss to mount the radiator fan switch at the bottom of the radiator. The C&R radiator then uses sotck RSX radiator hoses for connections.

Another advantage is, if your not using the Hasport mount kit your engine will sit farther forward. The flatter fan that comes with the C&R will give you some clearance.

brian g
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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