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need help., i have 2002 typy was over heated and two of the pition, and crank shaft is gone...luck the head is still i want to do complete fully built motor,top and buttom. reliable to daily drive. what are the brand and what parts do i need...i just want to do it one time only..please help :)

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Sounds like a good candidate for a k24a block/k20a2 . At least that would be the cheaper option.

If you were to build the block, then the head would have to follow with cams , valvetrain etc... and that would get pricey

So you options are:

1) Get another k20a2 block and return it to stock.. Cost around $1000

2) Swap in the k24a block from the CRV and bolt on the head. Cost $650-$1000 max. Yes, you will not be able to rev like you did before but the car will have power from the beginning. K pro is needed.

3)Built the bottom end with CP pistons, eagle rods, crank, bearings, sleeves and upgrade the head with cams, valves etc... K pro is needed as well. The cost of this depends what we are talking about a good amount of $$$. The sleeving alone will run $1000... I would say around $3000-$5000 for a complete k20a2 built on pump gas... maybe less if you do it yourself.. I mean there are no limits.. You can buy cranks for $2500 each if you want.

4)Swap the CRV k24a block and supercharge it with a JRSC for an additional $3100 and a 40% gain in power.

5) By a k20a swap for $5500, sell the head for $1200, the tranny for $1000.. Ends up being costing around $3300 for a k20a in there.

Some people would recommend the TSX motor as well. In that case you would have to use some parts of your head to make it work without the throttle by wire. Also you would not be able to use the type s intake manifold without some modification. A member has done this.

good luck and let us know what else you need to know
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