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Which of these bushings should i not have installed?

Incase you need more info, this is what my suspension setup will consist of.

GC/Koni Combo - 450 Front/400 Rear
GC Upper Mounts
GC Soft, Progressive 10-14mm Foam Bump Stops
'99 GSR Front LCA's
Function 7 Rear LCA's***
Rota J.SPL 15x6.5 Wheels
Falken Azenis RT-615 205/50R15 Tires
Prothane Total Bushing Kit
Honda OEM Rear Trailing Arm Bushings
ASR Rear Reinforcement Brace
USDM ITR 24mm Front Sway Bar
Mugen 26mm Rear Sway Bar
Energy Suspension Front Sway Bar Bushing
Mugen Rear Sway Bar Bushing
***-came with Energy Suspension bushings installed.

Any help would be very much appreciated.
Thanks! :thumbup:


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191711-This is strictly for looks. Besides, If the stock boots are fine no need to touch them.

8-1602- Unless you still have a rod-style shifting mechanism (which you don't if you have a K) don't bother with it.

8-1701- Same reason as first.

8-203- This depends on what upper A-arms you have. With your setup though, you shouldn't have stock unless you don't mind camber. Most aftermarket arms, or camber kits (I have Ingalls:up: :up: ) will eliminate the need for these four little bushings.

8-309- Again, same as above. If you buy the Omni adjustable rear camber kit there is no need for these.

8-307- I don't know if they mean Trailing arm. If it is trailing arm it should be two large bushings for each side. You said you bought Mugen bushings (good choice) so you won't need these either.

8-302- If you have Omni, Function &, SSR or any other LCA you don't need really need them. I went ahead and installed them anyway along with some grease nipple fittings. See picture.

8-702- I believe this is for vehicles w/power steering.

So I know you are thinking why buy a master kit if half of it I don't need. Well, you are right. Return the kit and buy the ones you actually need. Unless, you got a good deal on the kit like I did. By the way, I strongly recommend installing grease fittings on your front and rear LCA bushings. This way they will never squeal.


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Like I said before. Get the OEM ones. Or if you don't mind paying more for the same thing get Mugen. There is even a tool that lets you remove them and install them without fully removing the trailing arm. Search for this tool ( trailing arm bushing removal tool).:up:
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