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I need a spot in Houston that actually does Honda K-Swaps, can someone please point me in the right direction...thx
welcome to the forum and thank you for registering. another good place to post this is in the regional section. Good luck finding a shop in Houston.

Food for thought, you could use the forum to search all the things you will need to complete the swap. There are stickies on this information on this forum and the search function will point you into the right direction. There is so much information on this forum, many threads that get stored away b/c there are so many of them, and what I am suggesting is to use the search function to list the helpful threads you are looking for. Honestly this is the best way to finds threads here or if you use a basic google search it will most lead you back to the forum.

Back to the food for thought, I would want to have my own list of what is needed for the Kswap instead of allowing a shop that you have not relationship with to determine what parts you need. I am saying this b/c the swap is not overly complicated. You do not want to pay for parts you do not need since you are going to have to cough up labor fees.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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