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SuperDave said:
Hey guys, great site, im thrilled I came across this place.

Here is my question though, it's actually how I found the site, where are some places to purchase JDM K20A engines. I found a previous thread started where some people stated they could be found for 6000-3500, including one person who said E Tuning has them for 3500 or so all year round. Though no links were posted and im unable to find any aside from one on ebay.
The one I found on ebay was for roughly 6500, but it was a COMPLETE swap, included tranny, LSD, ecu, full harness, full suspension, brakes, EVERYTHING a whole front clip would have, aside from the body.

But, like I said, this is the only one ive managed to find, so I decided to throw out the question to the boards community. Where are some good, preferably reputable lol places to purchase a JDM K20A.

Thanx a bunch, and again, great site! :p
im that guy whio mention e tuning.Im not from usa,im currently working in japan.I own a dc5r over in singapore.There are lots of k20A's .Lots of half cuts.I dont see why its so difficult to obtain the k20A.If you guys really want i can take some pictures to show u all.You can talk the workshop which i obtain the engine from.They are call e tuning

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