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How are you wrapping them? Or boxing them?

I shipped some 19's off of my m3 a few months back, they were staggered so the rear wheels were wider and bigger. When i went to fedex the girl started flirting with me, i put just the 1 front wheel on the scale. After she weighd it and assumed they were all the same, she accidently split the weight of the 1 wheel to all 4 wheels, when i noticed my total was only 50.00$ for all 4 19" wheels and tires i was like "umm i think theres some mistake in the weights"
She looked at me with a smile and said "to late to do anything now".
I walked out of there lookin like :D :dance:..

So now its all strictly fedex for me. ( i try to get the same girl when i go)
Pics of said girl or it never happened.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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