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When doing swap any holes needed to be done to firewall?

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Im getting a full paintjob with my swap and was seeing what holes i had to make in the firewall if any for the swap. I was thinking i would have to make one for the throttle cable. Would I? Anymore?

BTW this would be in a EG
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why is everyone so quick at cutting into their tunnel

thats the last thing i want to do :S

it looks bad/hackjob imo, every time a see one of those hacks i cringe
jon v said:
everyone does that so you can keep the stock shifter cover on and so it doesn't look all mickey moused or hacked up without the shifter cover. With the cover on over the tunnel you can't even see the cut through the tunnel...
i am very aware what the goal is, i just think knowing that i cut into the tunnel like that (even if it doesnt show) would bother me
Soda Popinski said:
Nuts i dont think this would work for me as im going to be rocking no carpet.
then get the rcrew shift adapter
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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