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When doing swap any holes needed to be done to firewall?

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Im getting a full paintjob with my swap and was seeing what holes i had to make in the firewall if any for the swap. I was thinking i would have to make one for the throttle cable. Would I? Anymore?

BTW this would be in a EG
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Here is a quick shot of the prototype.

More pics and pricing will be available shortly.

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Before installing the box we installed thin sheet metal over all the edges. Once the box was installed we sealed any holes with dynamat and sheet metal to ensure a leak free install.

I will get some more picks shortly.

The kit comes with everything you need to mount the bracket under the car as well as to mount the shifter box to the bracket.

The shifter and bracket clear the exhaust as well as the center console and cup holders.

We can also provide you with the shifter box if need be.
The 90-93 shifter box needs to be modified to recieve the RSX cables and a hole still cut to run the cables inside the car.
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