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Yeah that's a pretty good one.

To the original poster: estimated quarter-mile times are completely useless. If I were to tell you what I thought that car would do it wouldn't really give you any information. Let me give you a few reasons why:

Differences between tracks: A friend's car just ran 12.4 at Palmdale and 11.86 at Fontana. Exact same setup. Same driver.

Differences in driver skill: My first time at the track my best time was a 14.9 - then I let a friend drive my car and he did a 14.16. Everyone (including me) thinks they are a good driver, but some are better than others.

Anyway now that I clarified that, in a fairly light all-motor car making over 200hp on slicks a good driver should definitely go 12s... but 12.xx the .xx is up to what I said above.
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