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What radiator and fan combos are you guys running?

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Just wondering what radiator/fan combos are you guys utilizing? I just picked up a new rsx type s radiator and wondering what fan to use? Thanks.

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hybrid racing said:
We used a custom C & R radiator that was designed to bolt into the factory AC condenser location, with a FAL fan and a carbon fiber bracket. This requires no cutting or welding and is a bolt in affair. The radiator also offers 2 ports for the coolant temp switch and the fan switch.

This radiator is available now, PM me for more information.
taqman15 said:
I run the RSX radiator with RSX fan on my eg setup.
taqman15 said:
C-Zero said:
taqman15 said:
I run the RSX radiator with RSX fan on my eg setup.
Taqman can you take a pic for me what did you did for the bottom supports?
I don't think i ever took a pic of it but I just drilled out the old tabs and repositioned them for the new radiator. This is what the end product looks like:

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brian g said:
On the 96 Civic we used a C&R RSX radiator with the Spal fan it comes with. 03 Civic Si hoses were used because of the engine proximity to the radiator. The two lower mount brackets were cut off and rewelded into positions to fit the new radiator.

On the DC we used a 03 Civic Si radiator with the stock fan. The RSX radiator hoses were used. We constructed a bracket that bolted to the tow hook mounts and had the 03 Si radiator mount placement.

On the EG we used a 99 Si radiator and stock fan. The outlets are in slightly different locations, so 94 GSR hoses were used. The lower hose had a rather unique shape because we were using a K24A4 from an Accord. So we trimmed both sides of the GSR hose after determining how it best fit. Liker the INtegra, we constructed a bracket that bolted to the tow hook mounts, but this time had the 99 Si radiator mount placement. This setup would also work for an EK.

These parts will become available for sale shortly.

brian g
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