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what mounts are you using?

  • Hasport

    Votes: 15 62.5%
  • Hybrid Racing

    Votes: 9 37.5%

What Motor Mounts is everybody using?

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I am having a hard time deciding who to go with so I would like to know what the majority of you are using with your EG swaps. What was your overall experience with the product?
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I have never tried the Hybrid mounts...they look very well designed and constructed,but Ive been using Hasport for years and they've never let me down.Engine placement with the Hasport mounts is very well,and changing mounts arent going to give me any additional horsepower,so there is really no reason for me to go with anything else.
I have used Hybrids adaptor harness though,and they are very well put together.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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