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What clutch are you guys using with your swap?

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Well when i get my swap im probably not going to have enough dough to buy a new clutch, are any of you guys using the stock R clutch? Is it good enough to hold the power of bolt ons? I probably wouldnt even change the stock flywheel which is 10lbs i think and is light enough for me. If i do go with a aftermarket clutch it would be a Action one. Probably the Kevlar stage 1. Are any of you guys using action cluthes?
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Kedimoto said:
Competition Clutch twin disk ceramic, my motor is not built or running yet but Im in the process of collecting parts, going in my all motor race 92 civic.

How much did that twin disk cost? I wanted to get an exedy twin disk, but it hasn't been released yet. So I settled for the exedy hypersingle. I've already gone through 2 exedy ceremetallics.

Anyone know any other twin disk clutches out for the k-series?
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