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really long story here but after being messed about by what turned out to be a very dodgey tuner here in ireland i took my car to another tuner to have my engine built my setup is:-
k24 block with darton sleves
cp 12:5 pistons
peuter rods
k24 crank lightned and balanced
mild port and polish on k20 head std valves
rbc with 75mm throttle body
dc sports header
autronic SM4 ecu
my problem is the engine cant seem to get enough air in above 6500 rpm and only made 263HP(sorry dont know the whp) is it these cams which came from the last tuner or is there anything else which could cause it to run so rich high up thr rev . also just found out the injectors i paid to get flowed are still standard:mad:so just before i spend more money on bp stage 3 do you guys think the cams are all wrong for my setup/ here are the specs
low med high
in280 in280 in310
ex274 ex274 ex300
low med high
in .355 in.355 in.495
ex .310 ex .310 ex.445
108 108
in .035 ex .025

Thanks in advance as this stuff is way over my head and i know some of you guys can figure this out:up:

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that dc sports header is definitely hurting you first off. I would get rid of that thing and get a custom header from ASP, hytech, or DTR. Upgrade your injectors as well to a set of RDX ones. standard injectors will not be enough for your setup. :up::up: to each his own but i prefer 3inch exhaust as well.
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