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Water pump pipe corroded. Need replacement.

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Hey, new to the forum looking to find out if this can be replaced, can't find it anywhere and a new water pump doesn't come with a replacement. I couldn't reuse this one rotten with rust and snapped soon as I pulled the coolant line off.


This pic was a while ago, the K20A2 is repainted, new gaskets, timing chain, clutch etc full refresh not a rebuild for a while. Only got 135k on it. Swapping it into a Civic EP2 soon.
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Yes that can be replaced. It's held into a bore by the retaining bolt up and to the right. Looks like the retaining tab is rusted right off. It should just pull out of there with some force.
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Number 11 is the part you're talking about i think.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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