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Water Pump Housing Bolts/Studs

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I can't find anywhere online what the size of the bolts and studs that hold the water pump housing to the block are, I got a USDM housing for my K24a but it didn't come with hardware. What size are the four 14mm that hold the housing to the block? If anyone knows the torque spec as well.
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There are supposed to be two studs and two bolts, all M10x1.25. One stud is 60 mm, the other is 100 mm. Both flange bolts are 105 mm.

1 - M10x1.25 60mm stud (92900-10060-0B)
1 - M10x1.25 100mm stud (92900-10100-0B)
2 - M10x1.25 flange nut (94050-10080)
2 - M10x1.25 105mm flange bolt (95701-10105-08)
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