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2005 Acura RSX Type s K20z1
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Hey guys I’m new here. Gotta 05 RSX Type s K20z1!
A while back I was driving in the rain and hit a patch of water, my cold air intake runs down in front of the left front tire. It sucked a little water up and got my spark plugs wet and my engine stalled on the side of the highway. After waiting while I tried to start it, it turned over fine but just wouldn’t start.
After I had it towed to a shop the mechanic just held over the ignition for about 30 seconds until it finally started.
It idled very rough and lots of white smoke was coming from the exhaust. I let it idle for a few minutes and it stopped blowing smoke and the idle returned to normal.
I drove it home but the engine had no power and the check engine light came on.
After a few miles the engine returned to normal and stopped having misfires.
I changed the oil to be safe.
The check engine light is still on and there’s a lot of engine vibrationat at idle.
What should I do to make sure the engine is ok and make the check engine light go away?
Sorry for the long story btw
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