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Want to lower the K24 with 19.7mm, HOW?!?

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I´m a newbie here on, I´m from sweden and says -Hej! to everyone! ;)

I´m gonna do the K24 hybrid in my EP3, but I need to get the engines Manifold in the same hight (spelling?) as it sits in now. So when I´ve kicked in the ass of the K24 block I need to make it 19.7mm lower, but how?

I know that everyone says that when you´re doing the K20/K24 combo you need the CRV passanger bracket, but I don´t because then the head is raised ~20mm, and I can´t deal with that... (I´ve my reasons, trust me)

So If I use my original pass. bracket that´s fine, and I think that i can make a spacer for the drivers side-tranny mount, but how should I do with the front and the rear mounts/brackets????
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I am pretty sure that you have to use the CRV passenger bracket so that your honda factory mounts can fit and hold the block... I think the motor will still fit under the stock hood. A few people on here have such ep3 civics.. Let's see what they have to say.
Thanks Nikos!
But I have clearness problems already with my K20A2, I´m building my own sc with water/air-cooler, thats why I cant install the K24 block if I dont lower the engine...

So I know that I can NOT use the OEM mounts....
I need to do something else, custom mounts or brackets, or whatever, help me out please!:)
1SI2ENV said:
What kinda car do you have the motor in?
He said ep3
Yeah, he did didn't he. I have a k24a1 swap in my ep3 and I used the k24 pass bracket. I was told the engine would not sit right with the stock ep3 bracket. The only thing that I swaped from the ep motor was the crank speed sensor and I probably didn't have to do that.
I would imagine if you have a whole custom supercharger system that you could figure out how to shim or grind down a few mounts to make it lower...
NickZED said:
I would imagine if you have a whole custom supercharger system that you could figure out how to shim or grind down a few mounts to make it lower...

Save your words Man!
This didn´t give me anything, ofcourse I can make my own custum mounts, but I´ll prefer to do it the easy way, and that´s why I started this tread. No one has ever done a K24 swap here in sweden, that´s why I´m asking you.
Maybe there is some Honda oem mounts that will work for me, who knows?
So do me a favour an save your pity for someone else.
Buddy calm down.

Obviously you cannot read between the lines: No one has done it, no one ever will do this (except maybe you, if you end up actually putting some kind of mental effort towards it), so go figure it out yourself.

Save my pity? Maybe its not the best thing to try and translate an insult or arguement... you might just be digging yourself into a hole. (thats an expression, maybe if i didnt point that out, you would try to translate it and think its a death threat)
just cut 19mm off the deck height and get some shorter rods... LoL

but seriously I'm pretty sure no one has done anything like that, as they probly did not need the extra room for tehre custom SC setup...

Is a custom hood not an option?
Í have already modifed my hood underneath. I want it to be a sleeper so I´ll keep it clean. So nope, no custom-style hood. :rolleyes:

Tonight I think i got an idea of how to make the block to sit lower, I can proberbly use my oem mounts if I modified them a litle. I have to make a new hole for the bolt that goes through my ES mounts 20mm higher then it sits right now, and then weld a new nut ther. (I hope you understand my crappy english now, I´m very tired at this moment)

This I have to both the front and the rear mounts, maybe I´ll just move it something like 15-16mm....
The Paa. mount/bracket I dont need to change and for the tranny side bracket I´ll just make a spacer.
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