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VTC Sprocket That Needs to be Machined for k24a2. PN#?

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Hey litterbox i dont think thats a good idea i talked to hondata and they said if your using the tsx motor that the rsx type s vtc could cause damage to the valves and or pistons if you miss shift or over rev the motor but if you just buy a new tsx vtc which i just ordered but it wont be in till sept 15th then give it to a machine shop which i have one located in stafford Va and they will machine it to 45deg from the stock 25deg, and if im not mistaken the rsx type s one is at 50deg which could cause damge in facy if you go to the hondata web site and go under news and then click guide to what works and what doesnt work on the tsx motor you should see what im talking about. Hope this helps you out casue im sure when i get all my parts ill be asking you for help
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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