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SI speedo ring(on diff)has 23 teeth
its vss has 19
so 23/19 =1.21
Type-s speedo ring(on diff) has 26 teeth
its vss has 20.
so 26/20=1.3

I put the si combo in my crx, now the mph is really close with my 215/60/14 BFGs on the front. -Neal
sorry to say that
but did you make a mistake counting ?
just want to confirm cause for me its all the good numbers EXCEPT the type-s vss has 21 teeth.... not 20
maybe you miscalculated...

i have a si that is correct with 23 / 19
and a type-s and base rsx that is exactly the same vss with the same gear with the same part number at acura and when i count its 21 teeth on the vss... and 26 on the ring
lmk if you can count back or i dont know ... just to correct this if its wrong so it wont mislead people

and also the 19 teeth vss gear on the civic SI is only on the 02-03 models
the 04-05 models is the exact same vss gear as the rsx-s or base rsx... 21 teeth
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