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You never got the CR-V with manuell transmission in US, right?

Because there is (at least) 3different sensors and 3 different ring gears.

Acura RSX 16’wheels (205/55-16’)
24.9” tire dia
(4.38 fd)
1.24 in VSS-ratio
26teeths on the ring gear. (Marked with white dot and 1line)
21teeths on the small gear on the sensor. Non-coloured plastic (usually gets lightly green-yellow from the oil)

Civic EP3r Type R 17’wheels (205/45-17’)
24.3” tire dia
(4.76 fd)
1.21 in VSS-ratio
23teeths on the ring gear. (no marks)
19teeths on the small gear on the sensor. Yellow sensor-gear.

CR-V 15”wheels (205/70-15”)
26.3” tire dia
(5.06 fd)
1.32 in VSS-ratio
29teeths on the ring gear (blue dot and 2 lines)
22teeths on the small gear on the sensor. Blue sensor-gear.

The CRV has the biggest tires and the highest VSS-ratio 1.30. It is possible to combine the RSX ring gear with the CRV-sensor, then you get 1.18 in ratio that will better suite cars with smaller tires (like a swapped car with 205/50-15”). Its will read 2.5-3% lower/slower than the yellow EDM EP3r setup and 5% lower than the RSX setup. I have tried this in my hand and also fitted in a gearbox on my workbench in the garage, when I spin the diff it rotates nice and smooth.
(I also tried the yellow ep3r-sensor with both the RSX & CRV ring gears but that did fit, jumped over tooths and forced/pushed the sensor away from the ring gear).
I have been reading that people in US that have bought JDM DC5r gearboxes and installed the RSX-sensor in it got problem with the speedo showing 10mph less. So I assume that setup works but the ratio gets pretty low. Maybe suits Mini Cooper and other small cars with 12-13” wheels. This will get the ratio down to 1.10.

-EP3r-sensor seems to only work with the EP3r ring gear. (I have tested on my bench)
-CRV-sensor seems to work with both CRV & RSX-ring gears. (I have tested this on my bench)
-RSX-sensor seems to work with both RSX & EP3-ring gears.



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