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What's the CEL for?

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Yeah, it is old but it is a very significant video.

This is the thread that started it all...

Eric Hernandez claiming that he got the wiring figured out,

The wiring was a challenge ...
everyone asks hard ...well its hard ...mostly takes time

i got if figured out waiting on some parts from acura ...and some lil misc stuff

but the time will come
videos , notes, etc
He was not the first to put a k20 in a EG, he was one of the first to do it and wire it so that the stock cluster works with the stock ignition and talked about it..

That is what made me start ... figuring out that in honda tech, it will never flourish due to all the b and H series fanatics.

Erik, even though was as smart guy and helped me with the website after its creation, had to quit due to his bad business practices and taking money from people without giving them anything in return.

So yeah, that is a pretty much OG video right there... lmao

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wow soo the noob as you guys would call him found a great historical piece lol
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