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Various K series parts. Header, cams, valve cover

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Brand new take off. 2007 Civic Si Cams. I bought complete head from the dealer and took these off. Asking $300 shipped to lower 48 states. New price $200 shipped.

Brand new Rcrew header. One of the early generation. We used it for mock up only. Few fine scratches but never had engine started on it, thus no black stuff inside the header. SOLD

Valve cover from K24 accord. Fits all K series head. Painted red. SOLDshipped to lower 48 states.

Valve cover from K24 Accord. Fits all K series head. Used, good condition. SOLD
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no, I´m from Europe but my friend have a sister in california and I can ask if she can buy from you and then send to me :)
I got money in the hands and wait for the pictures Andrie
andrie I´m 100% buyer for this header! I just wait an answers from my jdmsquad mate here in slovenia, cause he knows some people in CA with which he has agreed to send him stuff in Slovenia.

if you want,I can send you some in advance 30-40% of price
1 - 5 of 35 Posts