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I have for sale a K24a4/k20a2 long block that i would like to sell.
i will sell seperate or i will sell just the bottome end. If no one wants the block,I will NOT sell the head. This motor is brand new.

Block consist of-
K24a4 block 88mm
Weisco 88mm 10.2 compression pistons (part number K568m88)
IB spec H beam Rods-brand new
stock crank
Type S pump modified
Golden Eagle headstuds-brand new
ARP Mainstuds
Supertech blockguard
Type S oil pan
Brand new piston rings-0Miles
Brand new bearings-0Miles
Brand New cometic headgasket-0miles
timing chain
timing cover
crank pulley

Looking for $2000 plus shipping and split paypal fees.

I also have a 03 K20a2 head that is all stock with 49k miles. I got this head from civic5133(cody) had it pressure tested and everything was all good.

It comes complete with intake manifold but no TB or Injectors,pretty much just head,intake manifold,and fuel rail.

Looking for $750 plus shipping and split paypal fees.

But like i said i will not sell the head unless the bottom end sells or if you want the complete long block.

LONGBLOCK-$2500 plus shipping and paypal fees.\

will trade for a full TSX swap

RBC and DTR not included.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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