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Uk ??

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Hi from the UK
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Where abouts near Cambridge u from? im near cambs myself :D
nah its not quite finished yet but its ALMOST there, jus little things to do now. yea we'll have to arrange a mini uk meet lol
welcome T11MNM wot are u planning? k swap or ep3 or dc5 etc? :)
sweet! that will be awesome to see, keep us updated :up:

PM comming ur way
Hey hows it goin dude, if u need any help give us a shout and i'll help in anyway i can :cool:
TBH it is a pretty simple swap but its alot more time consuming the other swaps like B/D series etc. i dont know how familyer you are with honda motor swaps?

i orginal wanted to go for the JDM k20A myself but i got a offer on an a2 i just couldn't pass up! as for the wiring im using a u.s spec kpro and rsx wideband o2 sensor so i know what your probs thinking about that one lol, it has been abit of a headache but i finally found someone that could help! so i've got the diagrams on how to wires all that up while using the hybrid racing harness :) believe it or not i couldn't find anyone in the u.k that could help me with that 1 :down:

anyway i wish you all the best with the project, and keep us posted :up::D
i found mine on i had quite a few places ring me off there and they all had a delivery service available, but the prices vairied. there worth a try tho, you might find urself a bargin :)
Hey whats up guys, damn its good to see some more k swaps happening in the uk!

hope to see some for your builds soon and maybe meet some of you in the near future :cool:

im from suffolk, near bury st edmunds
1 - 9 of 93 Posts
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