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02sik24a2 said:
i give up you guys can't read for shit, nobody bought or sold the motor , this was the same owner that originally bought the car from a dealership and brought the car to my tuner 58k after. Brady, tuner, sold him Kpro and tuned the Kpro for the RSX owner. 130whp was the baseline dyno run off OEM ECU, after completely bypassing the OEM ECU , Brady, customed tuned the owners Kpro giving him a whole lot more power than the owner drove in with. Before you throw anymore motors away, Pm me and I will drive and pick them up or pay for shipping so I can develop them. Thanks

then let people know that you saw a acura rsx type s dyno at this and not put down well i saw a k20a2 dyno this. YOu are the one that made people think it was a swap done. so dont be saying people cant read for shit. Its either something wrong with the motor or its just the base model rsx and not the type s. no way in hell will a rsx type s car will dyno that low unless something wrong with the motor.
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