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02sik24a2 said:
today i saw a bone stock K20A2 w/ AEM V2 only put down a 130whp on a Dynapack 3000. I shit you not, the car had 58,000k ont the clock also. He was getting Kpro installed and a custom tune. My tuner got an extra 45lbs from mid range up. I asked him about the 130whp and said ," Does this back up the theory that not all OEM motors are created equal or did the guy really drive the shit out of the car for 58,000k?" There was nothing wrong with the car to put out such low numbers. My 02 A3 put down 132whp w/ I/H/E without tuning. This is all I know about the car and only hung around for two minswhile he was in the middle of tuning, all I know there was something wrong with that car. I am wondering if the computer was muffed up from the factory or something? Never know and I am glad my tuner got 45lbs gain from the baseline with only an intake and Kpro.
thats sad i didnt know a motor can be beaten that bad :down:
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