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ok since k20a3 swaps can be had so cheap, ive been wondering...if i swapped in type s pistons and rods, then the a3 block would be exactly the same as the a2 minus oil squirters, correct? or is the crank different also?

how important are the oil squiters? i read somewhere that the type s pistons are forged, which if thats true, wouldnt that make the squirters unnecessary?

i was thinking this way, being cheap...
k20a3 complete engine/tranny $1000-1500 (maybe even less, i could get one for 800 right now)
type s pistons and rods $300-$400 used
type s head around $1000
labor to install pistons free-$500

is it even worth it?? lemme get some feedback bout this idea

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i agree with pacman depending on what you have already. If you have an A3 and you want an A2, you would probably be best just to find a head and what not.

If you starting from scratch your best bet would be just to get an A2 swap from the get go and save yourself the headache.

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TeamPacman said:
This is what I would do...Just get a TSX motor and you are done...

Now they go for around $2000-2300 for a long block...

K24..You can't go wrong :up:
:up: :up:

TSX>All :rolleyes:
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