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I've seen a lot of people putting a "Type S" oil pump onto K24A series blocks to remove the balance shafts and get a bit more RPMs before cavitation... but I don't see anywhere a definitive list of part numbers.

I have put together this list of the parts that I think are required:
K20 ("RSX Type S") oil pump assy: 15100-PRB-A01
K20 oil pump chain: 13441-PCX-004
K20 oil pump chain guide: 13460-PNC-004
Oil chain tensioner: 13450-PNA-004 TBC
K20 windage tray: 11221-PNC-000
"10mm" bolt to block an oil port: is that M10, or approx M6 with a 10mm head?

And assuming you will replace also the timing chains:
K24 timing chain: 14401-R40-A01
K24 chain guides: 14520-RAA-A01 and 14530-RZA-A01
K24 timing chain tensioner (not reusable): 14510-R40-A01

Can anyone confirm that these are the correct part numbers, and that I am not missing anything here? Yes I know you need to machine a notch from the pump assembly.

Second question: are all these part numbers (at least, the oil-pump-related bits) also valid for a K24Z3?
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