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All prices are shipped everywhere in USA.

I have for sale those parts

TWM ITB 52mm with carbon and blue fuel rail with siemens 625 injectors(almost new just one dyno) Price 1400 shipped

S2000 Erl oil kit(almost new just one dyno) like here with k24 tensioner, pan and chain, Price 600 shipped

ACT Clutch
AR1HDR6 (almost new just one dyno) 400 shiped

Jun camshafts TYPE3(brand new) with kit
(valves, retainers, cam gears..etc) kit has 10000 miles..
Price 1500 shipped$

CP 90mm Pistons for k20a2(brand new) 14,1 CR with race preperation..price 600 shiped

Exospeed gold skinnies with MH M&H 22x3.5x15 tires
brand new never used price 620 shipped
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