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Heres a run of everything going into my car i've done put a k20A3 and then put a k20z1 in turbo'ed and cheap out on a few things like head studs and 24lbs of boost didn't last long so now i'm building it up right and i thought i'd post everything as I go. Thanks to Blueprint Racing for the great deal on the parts. Just got all the parts ordered and the block is with my old teacher at Ranken Technical College getting the sleeves put in and hoping to have it all completed within the month. Tell me what you think I've been working on getting it right for 3 years when i bought the car new and I'm hoping this will be the setup hoping to be worthy of round 2 of stomping the cobra fools around town.
Engine and Trans
05 Civic EX
06 K20Z1 block with darton mid sleeves
stock crank
Blueprint H-Beam Rods
Wiseco 9.8 to 1 87.5mm Forged Pistons
ACL race bearings
ARP Head Studs
60 Trim Turbonetics T3/T4 Turbo
Turbonetics Wastegate
Golden Eagle Fuel Rail with a custom braided fuel system and walbro 255 fuel pump
RC 750cc Injectors
Ebay BOV
Ebay Intercooler with piping
Ebay FPR

K20Z1 Head Ported and Polished
BluePrint .5mm oversize intake valves standard exhuast
Blueprint Springs and Retainers
Stock cams

ACT Stage 3 clutch and Pressure Plate
Lightweight Flywheel
5 Spd with stock axles :(

Car is a basic EX civic (SPECIAL EDITION oh yea i got 15" wheels and a spoiler)
17" 5 spokes
Lowered Drop Springs and KYB Gas Struts
Front and Rear Strut Bars
Poly Front Control Arm Bushings
Brembo Slotted Rotors
Custom Bent 3" Exhuast with 3" Magnaflow Race Muffler only
Shaved Handles With the 7" Touch Screen

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Heres 4 before pics of the Car all dirty. The dirty empty engine bay. The turbo mani setup with the old .57trim turbo and downpipe with a tial wastegate everything is getting cleaned up for the new. Theres a bunch of pics of the custom tig welded intake manifold we made it works well just barely fits and makes it fun to change a timing chain. Then are some of the fuel pump and what the last engine looked before it blew when it went in before. I'm waiting on parts and to clean everything up and i'll post more


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The last setup with the 57trim turbo that was a little cheaper well alot cheaper and 11lbs of boost it dynoed 280hp and like 260ftlbs at the wheels so i'm hoping that i can get more power. I had pushed it to 24lbs of boost for a while and thats what pushed it past its limits. Will have some more pictures of the parts and everything else as soon as everythings cleaned painted and arrives at my doorstep
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