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I'm going to go back to rwd for my street car, so I am selling my hatch.
Here's the specs:
'92 Vx Hatch with 254,500 on the clock.
New brakes
New tires
16" Rota's
The body has no rust. The pass. door has a small dent that extends past the door into the rear quarter. The dent is about 6" up on the car and about 8"-10" long. Nothing big.
8 point cage with removable harness bar and door bars bent by Chasisworks installed by me. This lets me get in and out of the car (6'2" 215 lbs)
Stock interior other than that. I went for the sleeper look. I've snuck up on some vettes and camaro guys with it.
The only give away besides the cage is a boost gauge mounted in a chrome cup on the down bar. The cluster is stock.
K20a2 swap with 4400 miles on it. I bought it with 1.7 miles on it, so the only miles it has seen are in my car.
Revo short throw shifter
Hasport mounts
Stage 1 axles
Hybrid racing wiring harness
Revhard turbo kit with t3/t4
Kit was for a 2003 si. Had to cut and weld a little on both the car and the charge piping. Mostly the piping.
3" mandrel bent Kteller mild steel exhaust with two 3" Dynomax Bullet mufflers underneath the car and a 3" magnaflo muffler out back. The car is pretty quiet for the 3" exhaust.
Walbro 255hp fuel pump.
Golden Eagle fuel rail.
Big assed aeromotive regulator. I stole this off my fi setup for my muscle car stuff. I has a -10 in/out which is way more than this car will ever throw at it.
-6 braided steel line from fuel filter to fuel rail to return line.
I am using RC 550 cc injectors right now at 7 psi, but have a set of 750's sitting waiting for some dyno time.
The car has koni blues with some lowering spring on it. Not too low. It looks good and still rides nicely.
Everything for the swap is new. No used stuff. i.e. shifter cables, O2 sensor, si idler pulley.
I also have a new ACT Extreme 6 puck clutch and flywheel yet to be installed. I will install them before the car is sold.
This car gets 42 mpg on the highway and will pull any Camaro out there from 40 mph up. Any slower than 40, the tires blow up in smoke.
I will have pics posted tomorrow. There are some on a thread that I made when I was building the car. The address is in my bio.
I have a bunch of money invested into this thing, but it is done right. It isn't a show stopper, but I didn't build it to be. I built it as a sleeper to screw with camaros and vettes.
I am looking for $11,500 for the car. A great deal for a fast sleeper.
Located in northern cali. Delivery possible

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