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this was posted on honda-tech by user named turbopanda from Thailand

at the dyno it got

0.4 bar of boost = 223HP and 340Nm of torque.
(Stock = 161HP and 222Nm of torque)

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Nikos I love you.

I'm so impressed with that torque number.

Thats 250 ft lb if im correct.

Too bad that head needs to be swapped and it needing to be tuned, it has no top end. Wheres the thread is there a dyno sheet?

5-6 pounds of boost god dam and not even on triple lobe vtec.

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(Wes from Accord Tuner/WesK24 from Honda-Tech)

That is mad tyte. What numbers do you think you could make with a K20A2 head, K24 long block and boosted that? :shock:

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my CRV I-VTEC is now turbocharged running on safe boost 0.4bar.....

i give out some detail about my car:

Is a SUV

Car Model: Honda CRV I-VTEC Model 2003

Engine: K20A3 2.0 Liter engine

using a 2mm metal gasket

internal parts of engine are stock standard

used with endless 10-40 semi synthetic motor oil

engine decoration spoon style

using HKS Ball-bearing GT2530 Turbocharge with Apexi funnel filter,Sard


Boost Controlled by Apexi AVCR

Engine management by Greddy E-manage

Gearbox 4-speed auto with final ratio filled with RedLine ATF transmission oil

Anyway my turbo is without a intercooler running on safe boost 0.4bar i looking forward for a intercooler real soon.

Want to know more you are welcome to reply at this forum hehe.....
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